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I Am Not a Bird

The story centers on Margaret, a young Western woman in the midst of losing herself in the bacchanal of nighttime Tokyo. Haunted by memories of her twin brother’s descent into madness, Margaret courts danger with her fellow ex-pat misfits in dive bars and love hotels. When she falls for Kazu, a handsome Japanese gangster, she has a chance at redemption. But with the threat of a killer in the city, Margaret is in a race to find herself before she’s lost completely.

Role: Margaret
Director: William Olsson
Written by:  Catherine Hanrahan (book), Catherine Hanrahan (screenplay)
Produced by: Lawrence Inglee, Lauren Mann
Release Date: 2018
Drama, Thriller
Running Time: unknown
Country: United States, Sweden, Japan
Language: English
Edited By: ???
Music by: Hugo Nicolson
Cinematography: Kenji Katori
Distributed by: ???
Cast: Carice van Houten, Peter Mark Kendall
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