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That’s part of the core premise of director Joe Dante’s “Burying the Ex,” in which Evelyn (Ashley Greene) doesn’t let the fact that she’s a newly minted member of the walking dead stop her from stalking her way back into the life of her (normal, living) ex-boyfriend Max (Anton Yelchin), who’s trying to move on with a new relationship, with Olivia (Alexandra Daddario). Recently, Brent Simon had a chance to visit the film’s Los Angeles set for ShockYa, in the days prior to the production wrapping principal photography just before Christmas. There, he watched shooting and had a chance to chat with members of the cast and crew. A conversation with Daddario is excerpted below:

ShockYa: Zombies are hot, but “Burying the Ex” seems really invested in the relationships, and this unusual love triangle between its characters. What’s your perspective on the burgeoning relationship between Olivia and Max?
Alexandra Daddario:
I think they definitely have an instant connection as far as their interests, and their personalities really mesh. I really wanted to approach Olivia as being extremely likeable — I think you have to get why he’s really into her. I think she’s an awkward, sweet and offbeat girl. But (the movie) has really well-formed characters that will make the audience that much more involved in what’s happening. I think they’ll even be invested in Evelyn, when she’s a zombie.

ShockYa: It’s kind of funny, the idea that she shruggingly accepts her zombiedom — she takes it as, “Sure, I’m dead now, but that doesn’t mean my relationship wasn’t meant to last. In fact, my love really is forever!”
Yeah, it’s extremely interesting. You can also empathize with her, even though she’s the antagonist of the story, I guess. You can sympathize with her on a certain level.

ShockYa: The film seems to plug into the idea of those relationships in which we completely surrender ourselves.
Yeah, if you read deeply into it, it’s easy to (see it as a film about getting) really dependent on somebody. And we’ve all been in those relationships where it’s not right but you just can’t get out of it. It could definitely be a metaphor for that.

ShockYa: What were your impressions of Joe Dante, both before the film and after working with him? Everyone knows “Gremlins,” of course, but he has so many other interesting movies to his credit.
I did see “The Burbs,” but I saw it so, so long ago. I was excited when I heard he was doing the movie, and I was excited about doing the movie with him. When I finally met him, I was struck by how — in general, he’s just extremely intelligent and witty and so nice and calm. And yet at the same time he has the ability to be tough. He knows exactly what he wants, and how to get it. We were always on schedule and he made me feel comfortable no matter what we were shooting. I’ve had one of the best times on a film I’ve had working with him, and I think he’s a really remarkable person and director. It’s very exciting to be part of it.

ShockYa: With so many of Joe’s films, I feel like it’s easy to envision a version that’s slightly less quirky and less invested in characters, and maybe cost $25 million more, just with bigger, blown-out set pieces.
I believe in that (type of) filmmaking. One of the reasons I think I love acting is that I’ve always been a huge reader, and fascinated by stories. I’m fascinated by people and why we do what we do. I think that’s what makes a great story and gets people drawn in — if you’re invested in the characters and the relationships. Sure, it’s always fun to go see a movie where it’s just things exploding and it’s entertaining, but having that investment in what’s going on — a connection to the characters — is very important, and that was definitely found in this. It doesn’t spare the special effects or any of the cool zombie make-up and stuff — it looks insane — but it’s really about the characters.

ShockYa: Ashley looks quite… striking. Do you have any big action scenes or gnarly make-up or anything?
I don’t have any prosthetics or special effects make-up, but there is a bit of fighting. And that was so much fun, I love doing that kind of stuff.

ShockYa: What’s next for you?
I have “True Detective,” a HBO show with Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey, that comes out in January. And it looks like I may be working (on something else), but it’s not done yet so I can’t talk about it. We’ll see what happens. I’m happy that I was able to get in another job before the end of the year. It was an amazing time to work, especially on such a cool project.


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When speaking to Collider to promote her new film, Percy Jackson and The Sea Of Monsters, Alexandra Daddario has finally been asked (thanks to fan suggestion) about whether or not she’d like to be in a film about Wonder Woman saying that:

“Whether I’m in a Wonder Woman movie or not, I would love to be. I would love to see Wonder Woman get made. I would love to see this strong, female action hero.”


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Cinema Online was lucky enough to catch up with the lead actress for the upcoming “Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters”, Alexandria Daddario. The actress stars in the film with Logan Lerman, Nathan Fillion and Stanley Tucci, and she shares with us her experience with two different directors in one film franchise, and her pick of what Disney princess she would be if she was to be cast in a live-action version!

Cinema Online’s interview with Alexandra Daddario was conducted on 24 July.

The first film was directed by Chris Columbus, but the new movie is directed by Thor Freudenthal. What was it like to work was Chris and how did it compare with Thor’s way of directing?
Each director has their own style. Chris has been a director for years and years and he has made tons of films so it was intimidating to go on set at first because it was my first big movie. But Chris is a nice guy so it was wonderful. It was also a completely different experience because of where I was in my life in that time. Thor is passionate and a wonderful guy and stylistically, he has made a film closer to the book and the fans will love it.

You’re in Rome right now, we understand. How is it over there?
It’s amazing! It is such a beautiful part of the world.

What was it like to work on the Imagine Dragons music video, “Radioactive”?
I got a call and they asked if I could do it and I said of course! It has been a dream since I was a kid to be in a music video. It’s like a childhood fantasy come to life. Imagine Dragons are an amazing band and their success is well deserved! When we were shooting the video, Hurricane Sandy started to hit and it was cut short when the storm came but besides that it was very cool.

What kind of scenes are more challenging to film? Action or romantic ones?
I think they’re both difficult in their own way. Love scenes and sex scenes are awkward, especially if you don’t really know the person that well. The challenge in that is to be intimate with someone in front of a bunch of people. Action scenes are difficult because you have to rehearse and rehearse and be in good shape because it can be very tiring.

What was it like to film in New Orleans?
It’s one of my favourite places! Douglas Smith, who plays Tyson in the movie, fell in love with the place so much he lives there now! [Laughs] It had a big impact on us. New Orleans is so much fun and has so much culture and the people are wonderful, and the food is great. Except the heat! I don’t know how anyone can stand the summers there!

What Disney princess would you want to play if you were cast in a live action adaptation?
The Little Mermaid! I don’t know how they’d do a live-action film but I love “The Little Mermaid”!

Is working with some of the same cast again easier since you have already worked together? How was working with the cast again?
It’s easier in a sense. We now know what we’re getting into a little bit more! Logan can be very funny on set! And working with Nathan Fillion, Sean Bean and Stanley Tucci is insane! Especially during the first film, I got to meet tons of amazing actors in one film, which is unusual to meet all these great actors. Nathan Fillion is so funny and I am so happy he is in the film.

Who do you look up to most in the acting world?
I look up to a lot of filmmakers! I love Charlize Theron, Steve Martin, and I love David Fincher. So many people have inspired me but those three people inspire me the most. Personality-wise I have read a lot of Steve Martin’s books and it’s interesting to learn about his background and history of his journey as an entertainer.

Thank you so much for having the time to talk to us at Cinema Online!
Thank you!


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I’m livetweeting the Q&A at the Giffoni Film Festival, be sure to follow the twitter @AlexDaddarioFan!

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Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, the sequel to the hit film Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief, continues the adventures of Percy (Logan Lerman), Annabeth (Alexandra Daddario) and Grover (Brandon T. Jackson), as they embark on a dangerous mission to find the golden fleece.

The sequel features the additions of Nathan Fillion (Hermes), Stanley Tucci (Dionysus), and Anthony Head, who replaces Pierce Brosnan as Chiron. Thor Freudenthal, who helmed the 2010 feature Diary of a Wimpy Kid, is on board as the director for this installment (Chris Columbus directed the first film).

Although the stories, based on the novels by Rick Riordan, are filled with action, the series’ popularity also stems from the positive themes featured in its narrative. Click on the media bar to hear Daddario, Jackson, and Lerman talked about what makes the Percy Jackson series a welcome brand of storytelling:


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Listen to Alexandra’s interview with Mr. Media.

Another article: ‘Parenthood’ Co-Stars Say Adam and Crosby’s New Receptionist ‘Causes a Lot of Problems’

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They’ve opened up shop and welcomed their first customer with Grammy winner Cee Lo Green. Now Adam and Crosby’s burgeoning business is getting a receptionist on Parenthood. Enter, Rachel (Alexandra Daddario).

“She’s a young girl who is sort of figuring out her life and really wants to go into the music business,” Daddario tells of her multi-episode arc starting on Tuesday’s episode (10/9c, NBC). “She comes in and she sort of causes a little bit of drama for Adam (Peter Krause).”

Parenthood: Can Mark and Sarah’s romance survive Seth’s rehab stint?

Rachel joins the recording studio team after dropping out of graduate school to pursue her dream of working in the music industry full time. “It was just sort of a realization that as she got older — she wanted to pursue her passion and not pursue something that she thought she had to,” she says. “It’s really wonderful to play a character that’s so driven and knows what she wants as far as her career and I identify with that as well and sort of the fears that come with changing your path.”

The role has allowed Daddario the chance to tap into some of her own experiences both on-screen and off-screen, thanks to the sometimes improvisational nature of shooting. “Sometimes Dax [Shepard] will throw things out that you don’t expect and sometimes your natural reaction is better than anything you could think up,” she says. “I have a background in improv a little bit. Just from studying acting, I did a lot of improv growing up. I find it sort of interesting what can come out when you’re not thinking and that’s a lot of fun.”

But if her character is causing trouble, how long will Daddario last? Rachel will meet other members of the Braverman clan in episodes to come, but as for her long-term employment at The Luncheonette, Daddario is uncertain. “I think she could [stick around]. The character is very, very passionate about what she’s doing and she’s in it for the right reasons,” she says. “Beyond that, I’m not quite sure what’s going to happen.”

Source: TV Guide